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Chromed Bars

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Hohe Verfügbarkeit

High Availibilty

For many years, the economic and technical demands of industry have shaped our thinking and our actions in a parrticular global way.

Growth and success depend more and more on top quality material and quicker availability.

With the right strategy, TECHNO TRADING SERVICE GMBH has in recent years created the conditions necessary to provide you with material and goods with higher mechanical and chemical prperties and better tolerances, with the aid of the most modern warehouse facilities.

TECHNO TRADING SERVICE GMBH offers complete service tailored to your individual purchasing requierements. Only on this basic it is possible for you to save purchasing and processing time …. and thus reduce your costs at the end.

Cylinder Tubes

HP Tubes, HPS Tubes, HPZ Tubes
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Hollow Tubes

Hot formed hollow bars MBS
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Chrome Tubes

Hard chromium plated steel tubes
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Chrome bars

Hard chromium plated bars
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Precision steeltubes

Präzisionsstahlrohre nahtlos
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